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RescueVac Helps Free South Bend Worker


A construction worker trapped in a hole is safe and sound, thanks in large part to the RescueVac.

Trapped Worker Rescued in New York Subway

New York Rescue

A construction worker trapped in mud and debris 75 feet below ground was freed…

Man Rescued in Pacific Palisades

Los Angeles Rescue

Los Angeles Firefighters rescued a man buried in a dirt trench on March 14, 2013.

Elkhart Man Rescued from Trench

Elkhart Trench Rescue

A trench rescue team in Elkhart, Indiana saves a 25-year-old man got stuck in a 10ft. deep trench.

FDNY Rescue Man from Trench Collapse


On March 02, 2012 in Harlem, a worker caught in a trench collapse had to be rescued

Man trapped in sand is rescued from Naperville silo

Naperville Silo Rescue

A Montgomery man was rescued on February 6, 2012 after being buried up to his waist in a sand silo