Man trapped in sand is rescued from Naperville silo

Naperville Silo Rescue

A Montgomery man was rescued on February 6, 2012 after being buried up to his waist in a sand silo at a concrete construction company in Naperville, authorities said.

William Ortiz, 37, a supervisor at Dukane Precast, was taken to Edward Hospital in Naperville after being rescued, authorities said. He was in fair condition, according to hospital spokesman Keith Hartenberger.

Emergency workers were called to the company, in the 1800 block of High Grove Road, about 11:30 a.m., according to a news release from the Naperville Fire Department. Ortiz was on a catwalk before he became trapped in the 30-foot-high silo that was half-filled with sand, according to Lissa Christman, a spokeswoman for Dukane. He was removed soon thereafter.

Ortiz was freed after sand around him was vacuumed out with the use of the RescueVac and a Liberty Rescue Tube was placed around him.

Ortiz was described as an experienced employee who has been with Dukane Precast since 2004. He was conscious during the ordeal and was speaking to rescuers, Christman said.

Naperville Fire Department Deputy Chief Rick Sander described the rescue as “a very meticulous and thought-out process.”