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Landslide Kit

Landslide Kit

Designed for those soils that need to be reduced by water instead of air to facilitate removal

800 Modular Kit

800 Modular Kit

The modular design allows the user to choose between 3’, 7’, and 10’ tip lengths

RescueVac Air Knife

Air Knife

The Air Knife rapidly aerates and fractures soil, allowing for easy removal


RescueVac Accessories

A variety of accessories to expand and maintain your RescueVac Kit


RescueVac Helps Free South Bend Worker


A construction worker trapped in a hole is safe and sound, thanks in large part to the RescueVac.

Trapped Worker Rescued in New York Subway

New York Rescue

A construction worker trapped in mud and debris 75 feet below ground was freed…

Man Rescued in Pacific Palisades

Los Angeles Rescue

Los Angeles Firefighters rescued a man buried in a dirt trench on March 14, 2013.

Elkhart Man Rescued from Trench

Elkhart Trench Rescue

A trench rescue team in Elkhart, Indiana saves a 25-year-old man got stuck in a 10ft. deep trench.

FDNY Rescue Man from Trench Collapse


On March 02, 2012 in Harlem, a worker caught in a trench collapse had to be rescued

Man trapped in sand is rescued from Naperville silo

Naperville Silo Rescue

A Montgomery man was rescued on February 6, 2012 after being buried up to his waist in a sand silo