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Award Winning Equipment from RescueVac

  • Increase Rescuer Safety
  • Reduce Incident On Scene Time
  • Increase Victim Survivability
  • Reduce Manpower Needs

Rescue Shield

rescue tube

A complete rescue tube rated for a variety of materials, including trench.

The Mud Knife

mud knife air gun

Quickly breaks victims free from the powerful grip of mud and landslide materials.

Grain Bin Rescue Kit

grain bin rescue kit

Improves grain bin, silo, and other engulfment rescue times by as much as 80%.

800 Series Kit


The 800 series kit is the original kit of the RescueVac family of rescue tools.

600 Modular Kit


This 6” kit is a great alternative for those who deal with looser, less cohesive soils.

400 Series Kit


The 4” kit allows for easy maneuverability and use in restricted spaces.

Landslide Kit

Landslide Kit

Designed for those soils that need to be reduced by water instead of air to facilitate removal

800 Modular Kit

800 Modular Kit

The modular design allows the user to choose between 3’, 7’, and 10’ tip lengths

RescueVac Air Knife

Air Knife

The Air Knife rapidly aerates and fractures soil, allowing for easy removal


RescueVac Accessories

A variety of accessories to expand and maintain your RescueVac Kit